Why Do Scientists Use The Scientific Method?


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The scientific method is the best method we have to minimize bias, and to discover new knowledge. The scientific method is designed to test a hypothesis by comparing an experiment with a control group. The experiment consists of keeping all but one variable constant and testing for the effect of an added variable. In the control condition or group, the same conditions are created, but without the experimental input. To make sure the scientist's bias doesn't effect the outcome, the people conducting the experiment  are "blind" to which is the experimental condition and which is the controlled condition. A hallmark of the scientific method is that the even if the scientist wants there to be a certain outcome, there are many things that are done to prevent this. And to be a good experiment, others have to be able to duplicate it to see if the original findings are found again. A scientific theory that emerges from the experiments, must be testable, so as to be refined and improved by other scientists. In this way we get more knowledge about the world.

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