What Are The Variables Of Communication?


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Source variables, Channel variables and receiver variables
Like perception, retention and recall...
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They include People, context,noise, message, channel, feedback, rules and guidelines
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To have communication you must have not only understandable language and understanding but also an audience that listens. Without someone to listen there is no communication. Physical communication is another component as if you say one thing and act another way the communication will be misinterpreted. Clear and precise communication requires many variables and well thought out thought process that is understandable and clearly spoken without physical conflict of the message and the hearing of the message that is clear and unimpeded by other distractions and conflicting signals.
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In communication, encoding is a process through which, the sender or addresser of the message encodes or converts the message into a understandable form. The other variable of communication could be decoding, which is interpretation of the message by the decoder/addressee.
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At the level of encoding an decoding the variables are occur. Because its base on individual perception and regional language. So if sender is right some thing and receiver decode in the other mean according to his regional there variable are occur.

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