What Is A Satellite?


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Radio waves are electromagnetic waves of very low frequency. Their frequency is generally less than 30 MHz. there are reflected back to the earth by the ionosphere, the atmosphere around the earth. Therefore, there is no need of a satellite to reflect back to the earth. Microwaves are electromagnetic waves with frequency from 30MHz to 1 GB. The ionosphere cannot reflect microwaves back to the earth. They pass through the ionosphere. A satellite used to receive microwaves and then transmit them back to the earth.

Satellites provide links in two ways. Firstly a satellite provide point to point communication link between one ground station and the other. One ground station transmit signal to the other satellite and next ground station receives them from the satellite. Secondly, satellite receives signals from one ground station and transmits to them to the number of ground receivers.

Most satellite use frequency bandwidth through from 5.92 to 6.4GHz from transmission of data from earth to the satellite and a frequency bandwidth from 3.7 to 4.1GHz for transmission from satellite to the earth. A satellite can provide service to a certain part of the earth if it is in sight. This can be done only if the satellite remains stationary with respect to the earth.
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Satellite is mainly working on the basis of Electromagnetic waves.In our daily life Em waves are useful ex:Radio,Internet,T.V etc. For all these electronic equipments are working on the basis of EM waves. Firstly a satellite is keep in the orbit,then it rotates along the orbit. From the source station it receives signals and spread them to all the electronic equipments.Satellites easily transfer news with in fraction of seconds it means in microseconds.In order send signals the smallest frequency waves are required. At the station the producers send the microwaves to satellite ,because microwaves are waves having short frequency when compare to the other waves they can easily penetrate throw the ionosphere,and reaches to satellite. Then satellite receives the news in the form of em waves then it spread to the all the users.
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It is a man-made object that circulates around Earth, which transmits information to and fro across the globe to other stations.
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A satellite can either be man made or natural, for example, the moon is a natural satellite. In essence a satellite is an object which circles another object continuously.
The first man made satellite to be launched was the Soviet Sputnik satellite which was sent into space on 4th October 1957.
Some satellites have been created to send and receive TV signals (hence satellite TV). Others may send telephone signals, enabling faxes, e-mails and telephone calls to be relayed quickly throughout the world. Other satellits monitor the world's weather to ensure accurate forecasting.
Despite the fact that satellites are less than 50 years old, we are already facing a problem with satellites which are no longer performing any useful function, still floating around in space. As of 2006 there are around 23,000 redundant satellites still orbiting the earth. It is feared that this figure will grow yearly and we may even face a real problem of 'space clutter'.
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A satellite is an object that revolves around the orbit of other objects. There are two types of satellites; Natural Satellites and Man Made Satellites. Natural Satellites include Comets, Planets, Stars, Asteroids, Moon and sometimes even Galaxies. Whereas Man Made Satellites includes satellites which are used for Communication, Navigation, Broadcasting it also includes Weather Satellites, Space Stations, Reconnaissance satellites, Bio Satellites and Astronomical Satellites.

There are certain types of Satellites which work on the energy provided by the sun; these satellites are known as Solar Power Satellites. There is also a certain type of Satellite known as the 'Anti Satellite Weapons' these satellites are used for destroying enemy satellites or satellites that are used by other countries to spy on each other. These satellites are also known as "Killer Satellites".
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Satellite is like a mirror it works on electromagnatic waves. They reflect signals to earth ,firstly earth send EM waves to satellites and satellites reflect them to other places in earth this is all working of satellites.this very useful thing to us it is very benaficial
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Radio waves of frequency 30mhz micro waves of frequency 30mhzto 1gb there fore it cannit be reflected back by ionosphere
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Satellites sent the  electromagnatic wave on the ground and after that this signal access the
difrent router and after the replay the this signal.when the first  client sent request after the process on the request  from satellite and sent the response  to the client. This is work of the satellite.

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