What Bones Protect What Organs?


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Many of the major organs of the body are protected by one form of bone or another. The most important organ, which is the brain is protected by the skull. This thick bone surrounds the brain and protects its from any bangs or problems.
Many of the other organs in the body are protected by the ribcage. The heart and lungs are placed inside the ribcage, which is solid enough to protect them from any bangs or knocks they should receive. Other organs such as the liver and kidneys are placed in the stomach, though they are protected by muscle tissue and parts of the rib cage. This doesn't mean they are safe from a blow but they are protected to an extent.
The human body has evolved like this as it doesn't need the protection that many other creatures such as insects do. These have shells all around to prevent them from receiving injuries that are all too common place in their lives.
Human bodies have developed over time to not need the same sort of physical strength and protection that other animals need as they have to be versatile and also quick and the more weight there is the slower something is and humans have developed with that in mind.
The human's skull however is well protected and this is as it is its strongest and most necessary attribute.
These are the bones that protect most of the organs and ensure that they are strong and safe from plenty of moderate forms of attack; bangs or bruises included.
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Bones protect our internal organs by forming a strong firm case around them so they cannot be easily reached and damaged.
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The skull protects the brain, the ribs protect the heart and lungs, the spinal column protects the spinal cord
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The skull protects the brain, the ribs protect the heart and lungs , The pelvis protects the uterus in women and the spine protects the spinal chord.
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The skull protects your brain, the ribs protect your heart and lungs, and the pelvis provides protection for internal organs.
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The bones that protect internal organs are the rib cage and the cranium or skull. They are either hard substances that form a protective barrier, or a cage that allows the lungs to expand, but also provide a barrier shielding the internal organs.
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I would say - ribs would protect the heat lungs stomach and sblen

skull would protect the brain obviously

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