What Are The Five Functions Of The Skeletal System?


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Skeletal system is an inner framework of bone cartilage. Bones are the hard material of a skeleton . The skeleton supports and or protect the softer body parts of a fish,bird or human, these animals are also called vertebrates , they all have backbone.
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The skeletal system performs the following functions

(I) Support: It provides a framework for the body, supports soft tissues, and makes available a surface for attachment of many bones.
(II) Protection: Many internal organs are protected from injury by the skeletal system e.g. the brain is protected by the cranial bones, the spinal cord by the vertebrae, and the heart and lungs by the rib cage.
(III) Movement facilitation: Bones serve as levers to which muscles are attached and they help produce movement.
(IV) Mineral storage: The bones store minerals – calcium and phosphorous, and these are distributed to other parts of the body upon demand.
(V) Haematopoiesis: Red marrow in certain bones is capable of producing blood cells, a process called haematopoiesis or haemopoiesis. Red marrow produces red blood cells, some white blood cells, and platelets.
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The functions in the skeletal system help each person/animal have a good posture or help them sit up straight.
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It helps you move your body and have sex
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The main five functions of a skeletal system are support, protection, movement, formation of red blood cells and storage of minerals. Skeletal system gives a support and rigid framework to our body. We can move our legs, hands and other body parts with the help of skeletal system. Red blood cells are formed in bone marrow of bones. Red blood cells are the basic component of our blood. Bones in a skeletal system store different minerals and fats which are important to perform basic functions of our body. Skeleton system protects different organs in our body for example, skull protects brain.

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