How Many Minerals Are Found In Earth's Crust?


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A mineral is something that can be defined as an inorganic solid that occurs naturally and that possesses an orderly and systematic internal structure and a definite and specific chemical composition.
Al though there are a total of ninety two elements that are fount naturally but only eight of these ninety eight are commonly found in the rocks which make up the crust of the Earth or the Earth's outer layer called the crust. Together, these eight elements found in the crust of the earth make up more than ninety eight percent (98%( of the crust.
These eight most common elements in Earth's crust are listed as follows (by mass):
46.6 percent of Oxygen (O)
27.7% of Silica (Si)
8.1% of Aluminum (Al)
5.0% of Iron (Fe)
3.6% of Calcium (Ca)
2.8% of Sodium (Na)
2.6% of Potassium (K)
2.1% of Magnesium (Mg)

Together, the two major elements, that are, oxygen and silicon make up the most part of the crust of the Earth crust. It includes the most commonly found mineral, called the silicate minerals. Quartz and feldspar are two commonly found forms of the silicate mineral. The Non-silicates constitute even less than ten percent of the Earth's crust. The most common of the non-silicates are the oxides, the carbonates, the sulfides.
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