What Is Hydrology And What Do Hydrologists Do?


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Hydrology is the science of studying water system,its quality ,quantity ,analysis and different water problem involved in it.Water is considered as the most important natural resource.There is plenty of water resources on the our earth,but the main issue is they are not using properly. Human beings are the main source of creating contamination in water.The industrial and factories waster which enters into rivers,streams and making it contaminated.

Hydrology is dealing with all these issues.Hydrologist are the main source for finding and solving these problems.There is are so many jobs opportunities for the people who study hydrology.The main job of hydrologist is to solve the water related problem by mathematical principals and by many other things.Hydrologist also deal with finding water for land,irrigated areas and the problem related with soil erosion.Hydrologist also help in making the environment clean .The people who are professional hydrologist are performing jobs in office as well as in the field.In the field they work to collect the data ,with field crew and other work instruments.Whereas a person who is working in the office will work to interpret the data and to make analysis and problem related to water supply .

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