How Is Geological Energy Different From Biological Energy?


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  • Geological energy refers to energy that is derived from nature. It can also mean energy derived from the sun, earthquakes, ocean waves, tornado, lightning strike, etc.
  • Biological energy refers to the energy derived from the transactions inside living things, like plants and micro organisms. This process of conversion of energy from one form to another form in living things is also known as metabolism.
  • Geological energy has great economic value for human beings. Examples of geological resources are petroleum, geothermal resources, oil sands, oil, natural gas and uranium.
  • On the other hand, the tapping of biological energy from living things is an effort to convert this energy for storing, transforming and using this energy for useful materials.
  • When geological energy in the Earth increases, it gets converted into an earthquake.
  • This earthquake can be of a high magnitude which can result in severe loss to human beings. Hence efforts are on to utilize this energy and use it for different purposes. Tapping of geological energy will reduce the chances of earthquakes.
  • Biological energy does not pose any severe threat to the environment. As this energy is derived from living things, it helps in reducing greenhouse gases. It also provides environmentally-friendly solutions for different problems related to industrial pollution. Efforts are being directed at utilising this biological energy to create petrol for automobiles, cars, trucks, etc. As there is a severe threat to human life due to increasing pollution, the biological energy can come to the rescue of people by offering solution to this problem.
  • Consumption of geological resources is increasing day by day due to increasing population. Geological resources thus have become scarce. Therefore, the prices of petrol, gas, etc have increased, resulting in high inflation. Hence, efforts are on to renew or re-use this energy.
  • Biological energy is being considered as an answer to this problem.

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