What's The Difference Between Geological Energy And Biological Energy?


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Geological energy appears in nature in many forms and one of its conversion phenomena is an earthquake. It exists below the Earth’s crust in the form of movement of tectonic plates. Sudden release of energy in the Earth's crust leads to creation of seismic waves or tremors called earthquakes. The tectonic energy is released in the form of mechanical energy and its amount depends upon the built up strain and mass of area involved and acceleration of waves. It doesn’t exist in biological or living organisms. Often energy released especially through strong earthquakes causes damage and destruction to property and living organisms.

Biological energy originates from the sun and is stored in plants and animals as chemical energy in the form of bonds between atoms in various molecules. Plants mainly convert solar energy into chemical energy while animals get it from plants. It is stored in these chemical bonds in stable molecules like carbohydrates and thus a form of chemical energy. It exists mainly in the biological or living organisms. This energy is important for survival for living organisms.

However both are a form of energy and involve exothermic processes. Also, both cause some action to occur during their transfer from one entity to another or their conversion to other forms of energy. Both exist in our solar system and source of both is mainly a heavenly body i.e. The sun in case of biological energy and the Earth in case of earthquake geological energy.
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Geogical engery is something that deal with the earth nature engery it can be engery release from the sun. Or the earth. Biological deal with the energy we get from plant life or the food we eat.
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Geological energy is natural being used, naturallyandbiological energy a energy we create.
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Geological energy is the energy produced from hot springs and earths core temperature and fossil fuel
biological energy is produced from bio gas etc , I think
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Both are exothermic but earth energy is "anatectic" hydrothermal and tectonic energy , whereas biological energy is organic chemically based.

Everything else is detail.

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