How Many Perch In An One Acre?


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The perch is an old time measure of land, volume, and area that dates back many centuries to the time of the Roman Empire. It is a measure of length, area, and volume in a number of ancient measuring systems in Europe. Today's measure of an acre contains around 160 square perch.

In the days of the Roman Empire, a perch was a lineal measure of about ten feet. In France, it could vary from ten feet to twenty two feet, and was roughly the measure of the range of an arrow fired from a bow. In England, the perch was phased out in the 15th century in favor of the measuring system of a rod, but local customs maintained the measurement for some time. In Ireland, a perch was made standard at twenty one feet.

The perch as a measure of area was recorded in square perches. A square perch was made standard in ancient times at 16.5 ft which makes it equal to about a square rod. Currently, 160 square perches is equal to one acre. The perch as a unit of volume is a traditional measure for stone and other masonry uses. A perch of masonry is the volume of one stone wall which is equal to 16.5 ft long, 18 in high, and 12 in thick. This is the equivalent to exactly 24.75 cubic feet in today's measurement. The perch still remains a standard unit of land area that is used today in Sri Lanka.

The perch has been around since the time of the Romans to measure many different units such as length, area, and volume, and it is still used today as a unit of measurement. To understand the measure of the area of a perch today one acre is the same as roughly 160 square perch.
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There are 160 square perches in an acre.

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