Who Are The Famous Filipino Scientist In The Field Of Chemistry?


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There are many famous Filipino scientists, who have contributed to technology and the progress of society through their discoveries and inventions. These scientists have used chemistry to create new formulas that assisted with food preservation, food production, and medicine.

Filipino Chemists

• Francisco Santos was a famous Filipino scientist who researched the nutritional value of foods grown or produced in the Philippines. Dr. Santos performed his research so that he could help to improve the diets of most Filipinos. By studying the calories, nutrients, vitamins, and minerals found in foods that were indigenous to this Southeast Asian island, he was able to pinpoint healthy choices, and less healthy food options. By analyzing foods and making expert recommendations, he was able to spearhead a healthier eating plan for citizens of the Philippines. Known as a chemist with a specialty in agriculture, this well-known Filipino scientist helped to boost the health and well-being of many people in his home country.
• Julian Banzon was a Filipino chemist who specialized in studying alternative fuels that put less strain on the planet`s finite resources. By using ethyl fuels derived from the sugarcane plant, he found a way to create fuel from an easily sustained plant that is indigenous to the Philippines. Banzon also experimented with coconuts (a round fruit that produces a sweet milk and creamy, hearty fruit) to extract chemicals that could be used in the production of alternative fuels.

These scientists excelled in the field of chemistry, performing research and experiments that led to a better standard of living  for people living in the Philippines. The scientists listed here represent just a sampling of the brilliance and ingenuity of Filipino scientists - to find out more, visit a library or take a chemistry course. Today, a new generation of Filipino scientists are learning more about the way chemicals can be used in the service of mankind.

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