How Does Pollution Affect Our Community?


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Pollution can have a devastating affect on a community. Pollution comes from various sources such as car fumes, factory fumes, dumping waste and carbon emissions from air traffic. People want to live in the best possible place they can afford. When choosing a place to live there are many factors most people consider. These are usually what the area is like for crime, what are the local schools like, what is the traffic like and whether it a healthy and safe place to live.

Nobody would choose to live right next to a nuclear factory or even next to cell phone masts. Pollution can be very harmful to humans and so if a place is known for a lot of pollution, communities can be ruptured due to people moving away and not being replaced by new residents due to nobody having a desire to live in such a polluted area.

Unfortunately, many of the poorest do not have the option of moving and so communities around polluted areas can become very deprived and run down. This can make for an unharmonious atmosphere and make it even more unbearable and unhealthy to live in such a place.

Communities can therefore die on their feet if there is a huge pollution problem and if it is not addressed soon enough. Many people predict that global warming will spell the end for many regions in the future such as the low plains of Bangladesh and the south-east of the British Isles and so the problem of pollution looks like it will continue to grow rather than recede.
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Pollution can increase global warming which can definitely effect our community.
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The ozone layer will get narrow and more of the sun's harmful rays will harm our skin. It may lead to skin cancer.

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