How Does Fertilizer Pollute Our Environment?


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Fertilizers pollute the environment in many ways, but the main problem comes from water runoff. This is where the water from rain hits crops, plants or lawns that have been fertilized and runs off. This will eventually go into the water system and will pollute the water that is already in there.

The problem comes from the fertilizers. They are usually either nitrogen or phosphorus and are used to make the soil fertile. This in turn makes the crops better and the grass on the lawn of someone's house greener. Using fertilizers is all about perfection and money. It is used for financial reasons to make the crops grow and, in domestic cases, to make the gardens look greener.

The problem is when these get into the environment. The chemicals run into the water and make it unhealthy for drinking and sometimes, in the worst cases, even washing.

The issue can stem further even when there is an issue as the prosperous and nitrate can stay in the soil and then contaminate the water months after the last fertilization.

This chemical damage can also harm the soil and, if too much is used, the fertilizers can make the soil infertile and unusable. This is not just bad for the person that owns it, but if the person is a farmer, this is also bad for the economy.

Once the water is passed into streams and lakes from the contaminated soil, this either goes into the water systems or the sea. When this goes into the sea or rivers, it can harm the fish and other sea life and make their natural climate and homes unlivable.

This type of pollution can also damage plant life and erode rock at the shore.

There are many movements to make the use of fertilizers illegal in many states and the booming organic food market works on the basis that fertilizers are not used in the food that it produces.

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