Can Anyone Explain Five Senses Organs?


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Eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin are five senses organs. Eye is the most important senses organ and is used to gather information about our environment. Our eyes are spherical in shape and fit into sockets in the skull. Eyes are well protected by the bones. Iris is the color circle in the eye and pupil is the black spot in the center of the iris. Light enters the eye through pupil. Iris makes pupil smaller and larger to let the right amount of light.

Eye is protected by the transparent covering called cornea.
Ears are the second most important sense organ that provides us information about the environment. There are three parts of ear; outer ear, inner ear, and middle ear. We hear sounds through our ears. Upper part of nose is very sensitive to smell. When you have a blocked nose, no air can reach the nerve endings and you cannot smell. Tongue is used to sense four types of taste; sweet, sour, salt and bitter.

With the help of taste bud we can senses these taste. Skin is the outer most part of our body. It covers the entire surface of our body and protects against injuries and germs. The skin contains many tiny nerve cell ending which are sensitive to pressure, touch, heat, cold and pain.

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