Why Do We Need The Senses Of The Body?


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Senses help us know when we are in danger.
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The five senses work together all the time in order to allow our body to function properly and lets our life be easier. The five senses are;


Without these senses our life is meaningless.
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The senses are; touch, taste, sight, hearing and smell, these help us gather information about the world and therefore act as navigation systems in essence. Sight helps us see where we are going, smell helps us determine whether we like something or not as taste does, hearing is also an important navigation system, it aids sight. Touch also aids sight but it gives us an idea of temperature too, but be careful touch is not only limited to the fingers.
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Our senses make us feel, eat, drink and hear.
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Because without them we wouldn't be able to hold anything , see anything , smell or hear anything , or even taste our food! :-O
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Because without it we cannot hear what we say , smell what we eat , taste what we eat , see what we're supposed to see , or even touch or hold our cups! In other words , without them , life is meaningless.
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Our senses help guide us, protect us from dangers, such as seeing something coming, or hearing it, or in the case of fire smelling it or sensing unusual heat. Tastes let us know the flavor of things. Some of us do not have all our senses. I had a friend who had no sense of smell, and I forgot so when I asked him what did he think of the smell of the soap I had just bought he just stared for the longest time until I realized, oh sorry I forgot. Also, he could barely taste food due to his lack of smell. Since I use tons of herb and spices, he was shocked, as we shared a house we took turns cooking, and exclaimed, I can actually taste this.
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If you have all your sences you will have better reactions and also you will enjoy a happy life

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