Statement of the Problem for Dried Papaya Leaves as an Organic Mulch for Tomato Plants?


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Some people who have used dried papaya leaves as organic mulch for tomato plants state that they have found it to be very useful. They say that it increases the height of their tomato plants as well as producing high quality fruit. Apparently this is due to papaya plants and tomato plants having the same pH soil preferences. However, the best way to find out which organic mulch is best for your plants is to speak to a gardening professional.

Making your own organic mulch is a lot quicker and easier to do than most people to think. Producing your own mulch is better for your garden, especially if you have put a lot of time and effort into keeping an organic garden looking wonderful.

  • Benefits of organic mulch.
When applied to weeded areas, mulch has been shown to prevent erosion, keeping the soil moist which then promotes earthworms to thrive. It can also help to protect your crops and plants from harsh elements.

Below are some steps on how to make your own organic mulch if you'd rather save the money rather than buying something you could easily make yourself.

  • Step one. The best time to collect leaves for mulch is throughout the fall season. Collect them in a lawn mower bag and then distribute them evenly over freshly weeded soil.
  • Step two. Grass and pine needles can also be used as effective mulch. Every time you mow your lawn, save the grass clippings as long as they haven't been treated with any pesticides. Rake up pine needles if you have a pine tree as these can also be used for soil mulch.
  • Step three. If there is a sawmill nearby, pop over there and ask if you can collect some of the untreated sawdust. Although sawdust is nowhere near as rich in nutrients as grass clippings, it can be effectively used to smother and kill weeds.

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