What Is Materials Are Use Of Dried Papaya Leaves As Organic Mulch For Tomato Plants?


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According to gardening websites on the Internet, dried papaya leaves can be very effective when used as organic mulch for growing tomato plants. Apparently it can increase the height that your tomato plants grow to and can make them produce higher quality fruit. This is all down to the relation between the papaya plants and tomato plants, they are said to have the same pH soil preferences. The best way for you to find out what type of mulch would be better for your individual plants would be to speak to a professional gardener or post a question on a gardening website forum for someone to answer.

If you have the time to make your own mulch then you will reap the benefits. It can also be done a lot quicker than buying mulch and is a lot easier than people may think.

  • What are the benefits of organic mulch?
When you apply organic mulch to areas that have been completely weeded then mulch has been shown to have keep your soil moist to promote earthworms which are beneficial for your soil and helps prevent your soil from erosion. Organic mulch can also protect your plants from harsh conditions.

If you want to make your own organic mulch then you could save yourself a lot of money. Below are some steps on how to do this.

  • Step one. Leaves are perfect for making organic mulch so the best time to collect leaves for your mulch is during the fall, when there are lots of them and they are moist. Collect them all together and then distribute them in an even layer across your freshly weeded soil and plants.
  • Step two. Freshly mow grass and fallen pine needles are also very effective, as long as your grass has not been treated with pesticides of any kind.

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