What Are The Procedure In Making Organic Mulch For Tomato Plants From Dried Papaya Leaves?


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  • How to do it

The best way in which to use dried papaya leaves as an organic mulch for your tomatoes is to simply form build a few layers of them around the top of the soil where the plant grows, so they reach a depth of around two to three inches.

As these layers start to diminish and break down, as they will do over time, be sure to add more papaya leaves, so that your tomato plants remain protected.

  • About using mulch for your tomatoes

Mulch can be made by from numerous different type of matter, both animal and plant, including bark, compost, pine chippings, grass clippings, spent leaves and, as you are obviously aware of, dried papaya leaves.

Protecting your tomato plants from diseases and pests that are from within the soil, mulch also ensures that the soil that they are in remains at a sufficient temperature, as well as keeping it moist. Mulch also deters the growth of weeds, meaning that there will be no competition for the nutrients that the soil contains, nor the amount of sunlight that they are absorb, resulting in healthy tomatoes that are grown to the best that they can be.

  • About tomatoes

As the base ingredient for a range of cooking sauces, and used even in some drinks, tomatoes are a very popular food type that originated from South America.

Often mistaken as a vegetable, the tomato is actually classed as a fruit, one which is grown as a perennial plant in its original climate, but often an annual in cooler temperatures by people who do not have the luxury of a greenhouse.

It is a high content of lycopene, which is suspected to be extremely good to our health.

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