Who Was Dmitri Mendeleev?


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He was the scientist who had invented the Periodic Table and named all the elements.
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Dimitri Mendeleev was a Russian chemist who lived in the nineteenth century. He is famous for developing the Periodic Table of elements. He first published his table in 1869 and this was very similar in format to the one that we use today.

Mendeleev was the first scientist to group elements into a table in order of both their chemical properties and their atomic mass.

Mendeleev was born in Russia on February 7 1834. He was chief scientific adviser to the Russian government at the height of his career and is known worldwide for his contribution to the periodic table.

He added information to his first version of the table throughout the 1870s and predicted the existence and properties of three major elements which were later discovered. He died on February 2 1907 in St Petersburg, five years after missing, by one vote, the Nobel Prize for chemistry for his work on the Periodic Table.

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