Who Are The Foreign Scientist And Its Contributions To The World?


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Some foreign scientists and their contributions to the world are as follows:

  • Michael Faraday (British)
    Michael Faraday is said to have built the first electric motor.

  • Dmitri Mendeleev (Russian)
    Dmitri Mendeleev designed the periodic table of elements.

  • Antoine Laurent Lavoisier (French)
    Antoine Laurent Lavoisier proved the law of the conservation of mass and developed the theory of the chemical reactivity of oxygen.

  • Paul Dirac (British)
    Paul Dirac developed the theory of quantum mechanics

  • Louis Pasteur (French)
    Louis Pasteur developed pasteurization and also was said to have found cures for anthrax, rabies and chicken cholera.

  • Erwin Schroedinger (German)
    Erwin Schroedinger came up with the equation for the energy of an electron in an atom.

  • Humphrey Davy (British)
    Humphrey Davy was the first scientist to discover both sodium and potassium.
You will find there are many more foreign scientists who did a lot of things of note, however as this is a standard homework question it is best you do some more research yourself. You will find many books in the library will have a lot of great information about the ground-breaking men in science.

Doing your own research is not only the proper thing to do but you will find it benefits you when it comes to exams. You will take a lot more in if you are reading as you go rather than simply copying and pasting information.

The list above will certainly start you off but there's plenty more to find.
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