Who Are The Foreign Chemists And Their Contribution?


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Some foreign chemists and their contributions are as follows:

  • Dmitri Mendeleev (Russian)
    Dmitri Mendeleev is said to have been the first to discover the periodic table of elements in his book the 'Principles of Chemistry' (1868-1870).

  • Antoine Laurent Lavoisier (French)
    Antoine Laurent Lavoisier is thought to have been the first to prove the law of the conservation of mass. He was also involved with the development of the theory of the chemical reactivity of oxygen.

  • Louis Pasteur (French)
    Louis Pasteur developed pasteurization and also was said to have found cures for anthrax, rabies and chicken cholera.

  • Erwin Schroedinger (German)
    Erwin Schroedinger came up with the equation for the energy of an electron in an atom.

  • Humphrey Davy (British)
    Humphrey Davy discovered sodium and potassium.
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Wikipedia has a list of famous chemists.  I consider the following famous:
You should be able to find ten foreigners in the above list.
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John Dalton (1766-1844)
Started as a lecturer, Sir John Dalton is one of the most famous chemists. His achievements include discovery of atoms, development of John Dalton's atomic theory and color blindness findings. He postulated that elements are made up of small atoms, which can neither be created nor destroyed. In his theory, it was mentioned that atoms of an element are similar to each other, but they differ from those of other elements.
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Give name of foreign scientist and give thier contribution to science and technology

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