How To Describe A Scientist?


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A scientist can be described as someone who spends their time learning about things through factual proof.

Scientists often specialize in particular fields - and are responsible for our collective understanding of the world around us.
What is a scientist? Although it may seem fairly obvious to you and me, defining the term scientist can be tricky. This is because science, as a subject, can relate to pretty much every aspect of our world.

From nature to society, science is focused on understanding and explaining the world around us. It helps us learn about our history, but it also shapes our future - and scientists are the individuals who contribute to this process of continual learning.

What makes someone a scientist? Scientists generally wear white lab coats and perform experiments using test-tubes, bubbling blue liquids, and Bunsen burners - or at least that's what they look like in cartoons!

In real-life, scientists aren't as easy to spot.

In my opinion, a scientist is anyone who applies reasoning and seeks measurable evidence when investigating and learning about a subject.
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They are people who ask questions and who study the world around us. That's what I think anyway!
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They are very smart and helpful people.

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