What Are The Characteristics Of Scientific Research?


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Good scientific research follows the time tested scientific method to come to the best conclusions. The scientific method is a way to gather observable and measurable evidence; it roughly consists of observation, measurement, experiments, and the formulation of a testable hypothesis. It is used to produce hypotheses and is used to test them by peers and experts in every field of science. The birth of the scientific method dates back over one thousand years and has been used to better life for mankind for centuries.

A hypothesis is formed as an explanation to a phenomenon. Experiments are then designed to test the hypothesis and these tests must be able to be repeated to better predict future results. The goal in the scientific method is to come up with a scientific theory that can explain the phenomenon that will stand up to the study of experts in whatever field of science the theory addresses.

Another goal and reason for using the scientific method is to be as objective as possible and reduce any bias that may exist in experiments and in interpreting results. In the process of using the scientific method, all activities should be documented, archived, and be made available to be shared with other scientists so all results can be verified and all experiments involved can be duplicated to ensure reliability.

The scientific method has led to the discovery of some of the most important concepts in science today such as evolution, gravitational theory, relativity, and too much more to list. It helps to catch frauds and bring the truth to light. It continues to be the standard for which all scientific discoveries are measured and verified and it has stood the test of time to be used in all fields in science and it has applications in many other industries.
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By using the word "MOVIE" you can describe the characteristics of Scientific Research. Detail is Following:
M=Mathematical Procedure

Tuckman stated in 1978 The Five characteristics of Scientific Research, that are as following:
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Characteristics of scientific research
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Characteristics of scientific research
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For some reason, probably related to a dislike for math, many people consider the word research and everything the word suggests as unpleasant. But research can be a valuable term. It can lead to uncovering the answers to "impossible" questions.

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(1) scientific research in the field and the object is gradually to micro and macro levels of the various levels of the depth of the process, many aspects of structure and function of the full study;
(2) the content of scientific research with the interdisciplinary nature, the subject of horizontal and vertical linkages between the more closely;
(3) scientific research in more diverse forms of organization, collective research into the main form of scientific research, scientific research as an important socio-professional sector or social system, dramatic increase in the number of researchers to form a large contingent of scientists;
(4) ways and means of scientific research is increasingly dependent on the complexity of the latest technology and equipment support, information technology, network technology is widely used in various fields of scientific research, showing the trend of science and technology;
(5) the results of the rapid transformation of scientific research and diffusion, making the basic research, applied research and development research is blurring the boundaries among government, enterprises and research institutions more closely the relationship between, showing the industrialization of science trend.

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