Where Is The Saltiest Place On Earth?


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The dead sea is the saltiest place on earth, its so salty that you can float on top of the water, no life can survive in it, if you leave a boat in it salt will solidify on the propeller
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Regarding bodies of water:
Contrary to popular belief, the Don Juan Pond in Antarctica is the saltiest place on earth. It has 18 times more salinity than the ocean's compared to the Dead Sea which has about 8 times more salinity.

Of course if you are talking about the *absolute* saltiest place on earth I would venture to say a salt mine like the: Sifto Canada's Goderich, Ontario salt mine.
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The Dead Sea is the saltiest.
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The Dead Sea is recorded for the most saltiest amounts in water.
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Dead sea is saltiest place on Earth as water from this lake evaporates and leaves behind a thick concentrate of salt water which makes it saltiest place in the whole world
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It is referred to as Al-Bahr Al-Mayyit in Arabic and Yam Ha-Melah in Hebrew. It is a landlocked saltwater lake in southwestern Asia, lying between Israel and Jordan. Its shore, which averages about 400 meters below sea level, is the lowest place on the Earth's surface. It is the saltiest body of water in the world; about nine times as salty as the ocean. We are referring to the Dead Sea.

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