A Line That Divides The Earth Into Two Equal Halves (two Words). Can You Help?


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The answer is the Great Circle.  Thanks all for your help everyone

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The prime meridian divides the earth into equal halves, but that's 13 letters.  Any line of longitude will too, for that matter.  The equator does, but it's only one word.
How about a "great circle"?
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Cool I have the same crossword but I'm in 6th grade mi teacher told mi it was great circle
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Any line around the earth that divides it into two halves is a GREAT CIRCLE.

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I would say prime meridian. 
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That is an imaginary line that divides the northern and southern hemisphere halfway between the poles.
It is called The Equater Line.
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Lines of latitude and longitude do not necessarily divide the earth into two equal halves. The correct answer is: The equator
the second word is: The polar axis 
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Its Hemisphere.People also write it as Hemi-sphere.it is the line that divides the earth into two parts.There are also 11 letters in it!(in greek terminology it means "Half of the sphere).So I hope you got the answer~! :)
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The Prime Meridian divides the Earth from the North to South Poles, The Equator divides the Earth into two hemispheres.
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It's the equator. It's an imaginary line that divides the earth into two halves. Check out the uploaded image.
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If its an 11 letter word it's got to be "hemispheres" with the "s" on the end. Otherwise, the most logical answer would be the equator.
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There's lots of lines on the earth, and the most obvious one that divides the earth into equal have is the equator.  But any meridian line could do the same.

There are other lines, such as a poverty line that divides the "haves" and "have nots."  But that's a different subject!

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