What Is Scope Of Chemical Engineering In Pakistan?


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There are variety of works relating chemical engineering you can enjoy job in chemical plant design as well as in the main unit operating the whole plant. In 2009 the statistical analysis of job opportunity percentage is given as for engineering department only.

1-electrical engineering   32%
2-mechanical engineering   22%
3-civil engineering   21%
4-chemical engineering   16%
5-computer engineering   5%
6-electronics engineering   4%
so enjoy the chemical engineering. Best of luck for future life.
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For me it is Good coz

IRE,electroplating , electrical,electronic component manufacturing industry,extraction of iron ,copper,aluminium gold needs chemical engineers.all of these are inevitable

Chemical engineering is a multidisciplinary area. All the basic areas of engineering like civil, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, and metallurgy are involved in addition to the specialty of chemical engineering itself.

It is needed in almost all manufacturing industries like, foods, Parma, biotech, chemicals, petro chemicals, polymers and many more.

It is an exacting discipline and involves lot of hard work, usually in inaccessible places.

Not many like it. It is fascinating though.

May not pay much initially.
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There is very bright scope you can get example of your chemical engineer who has been recently rescued from jail...he sold the nuclear techniques to china I think so..
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I am still studying... Bt as ive heard , da scope of chem. Engg is high internationally,, but here it is not as well recognized as otherzz.. Bcz ppl don't know abt it much..

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