What Is The Hindi Name Of Neptune?


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Neptune, eighth planet in the solar system and god of the sea in Roman mythology, is known the world over by several different names. In the Hindi language, Neptune is known as Varun.

The Hindu names of the other planets in the solar system are:

  1. Buddha (Mercury)
  2. Shukra (Venus)
  3. Prithvi (Earth)
  4. Mangal (Mars)
  5. Brahaspati guru (Jupiter)
  6. Shani (Saturn)
  7. Arun (Uranus) 
  8. Varun (Neptune)
  9. Yam (pluto)

Neptune the planet

Neptune is the eighth, and last planet in the same solar system as our planet Earth. Originally there were nine planets in the solar system, with Pluto being the last due to it's furthest proximity from the sun. However Pluto was declassified as a planet due to it's rather small size.

The Earth only has one moon, which pales in comparison to Neptune, which has fourteen, and that's the ones we know about! Unlike Neptune, Saturn and Jupiter, Earth possesses no rings, whilst Neptune is thought to have 5!

The Solar System

If you would like to take a look at how some of the planets in our solar system look close up, the below video has some awesome images and facts about the eight planets. Check it out!

Neptune in Mythology

Neptune (the planet) was named after a mythological God from Roman times. It appears in many images and stories of Roman mythology, depicted with a three pronged spear, often with a trio of horses (as many also considered him to be the protector of horses.

As with Jupiter and Pluto, the planet Neptune takes it's name from the God.  In Roman mythology these three Gods are powerful brothers of the earth and underworld. In Greek mythology Neptune was also identified as Poseidon, god of all the seas.

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