What Can People Do To Stop The Loss Of Non Renewable Resource?


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In order to decrease the consumption of natural and non renewable resources, a lot can be done on a personal level. Saving electricity will result in the decrease in consumption and demand in turn saving the resources it is made of, which includes oil and coal. A lot of fuel (gasoline and petrol) can be saved by turning off car engines when not required (esp on traffic lights). The new hybrid cars are doing a great job decreasing fuel consumption as well.
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Turn off your lights when not home
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Although this may not be the answer you're looking for it worries me that in a time when saving our nonrenewable resources is so important you can't write a few sentences explaining how to reserve energy sources. You should absolutely, no matter what age, understand what it means to conserve nonrenewable resources.

Increasing efficiency is key. Finding a new source of fuel is an example. Since fossil fuels are quickly being consumed we need to look to other fuel sources that ARE renewable or that are semi-renewable. Take shorter showers, but energy star appliances and toilets that use little or no water when flushed. Instead of using electricity or propane to heat your house try solar or geothermal heat. Buy a hybrid car. Bike, walk, or use public transportation. Recycle at appropriate facilities. Donate old cars, cellphones, eyeglasses and clothing.

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