How Can I Make A 3D Animal Cell Model Without Using Jello?


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To make a great 3D animal cell model without using jello, I'd recommend starting with a spherical object that you can easily and neatly cut in to. Something like a Styrofoam soccer ball might work.

Then, to turn the ball into a cell model, you simply use markers, glue and different colored play-dough to create all the sub-cellular components.
How to make a 3D animal cell module

The most important part to getting your cell model right is making sure you've got all the parts of your animal cell detailed. This will include:
  • A cell membrane (color this in around the edge of the ball)
  • Lysosomes (these can be represented by pink balls of play-dough) 
  • A nucleus (which can be a big yellow circle in the middle of the cell)
  • Nuclear membrane (a thin line around the nucleus)
  • A nucleolus (a small ball in the middle of the nucleus)
  • Vacuole (represented by two or three blue play-dough balls)
  • Mitochondria (elongated play-dough shapes)
  • Golgi body (folded bits of plastic bags might work for this)
  • Ribosomes (a scattering on smaller play-dough balls clustered together)
  • Smooth ER and rough ER
  • Centrosome (a small yellow 'blob' of play-dough).

This model can be fairly easily using a picture of an animal cell, and requires very basic materials. Using this example as a model, you can elaborate and make it as colorful as you like!
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You can make a cake and decorate with gel icing and candy. You can also use styrofoam balls and play dough.
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Use potato insides mashed up, then add all the organelles.
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Well all you need is:
1. A paper plate
2. Icing
3. Food dye
4. Twirlers
5. Skittles or m&m's
6. A marshmallow
7.  Gimmes
Then throw them all together and - boom! - you have an animal cell.

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