How Do I Make A Non Food 3D Plant Cell Model. That Can Be Labeled. I Cant Use Play-dough Or Clay?


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Use a large shoebox for the outer cell. Fill it partially with sand, which represents the cytoplasm - it's grainy, so that's very appropriate. Paint it so it doesn't say "Nike" or something.
-Find a plastic bag, blow it up, cram it in. That's the vacuole.
-Stick a tennis ball in for the nucleus. Cut it in half and stuff string in it for DNA
-fold some tissue paper into a loose wad. That's your endoplasmic reticulum
-drop in some "bbs" or small ball bearings. Those are ribosomes
-Find something small and flattish for chloroplasts. Paint em green. get the idea. Find small items that are the right size and shape, paint them to make them stand out if you feel it'll help. Good luck!

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