What Is The Disadvantages Of Physics In The Society?


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On first glance it is difficult to see what the disadvantages of physics could be in society. The discoveries that have been made by physicians have influenced human life, for the better, in a huge number of ways. The disadvantages of physics are topics that are widely debated and are often down to personal judgment. A few of the disadvantages that are brought up the most frequently are listed below.

• Religion. Those who strictly follow faith sometimes believe that physics is disadvantageous in the way that the evidence can prove their beliefs to be wrong. This can be said particularly about the Big Bang Theory. Many religious followers reject the evidence that is given by physicians about the origin of the universe and argue that it disadvantages them in the way that it attempts to prove their theory is wrong.
• Nuclear. One of the biggest arguments in recent times about the effects of physics is that of nuclear power. Although nuclear power helps more than it harms, a lot of people argue that its disadvantages can be globally fatal should something go terribly wrong.
• Animal Testing. Some research carried out by physicians is experimented on animals. This has strong negative connotations and is seen as a big disadvantage in those fields. The argument against this viewpoint is would they rather carry out the experiments on humans? Or even not experiment to find crucial medical treatments?
• Eco-Friendly. Not all of the creations and discoveries made by physicians are eco-friendly. In a world where global warming is being threatened, physics is sometimes to blame. What needs to be taken into consideration, however, is that it is most likely to be physicians and other scientists who help come up with the eco-friendly solutions.

While it could be argued that there are many disadvantages of physics in society, it is important to consider the advantages as well. Both come hand in hand and in most cases it would be impossible to have the advantages of physics without some disadvantages along the way.

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