How Does Physics Affect Our Daily Lives?


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Physics is the study of matter and motion, as well as force and energy. It is a natural science as it analysis nature and the behavior of the universe. There is a huge impact on our everyday due to Physics. Physics is all around us, and is constantly taking action. It has allowed us to discover the laws of motion and mechanics, which lets humans to understand how we can walk or run, which is a daily activity.

Understanding physics has allowed us to make many inventions such as:

• Electricity
• Automobiles (such as cars, buses and coaches)
• Televisions, Computers, Washing Machines and other electrical equipment used all over the world.

These inventions are used daily and without which the Earth would be medieval and unindustrialized.

Physics as well as other sciences allows us to understand how the world works and the causes of natural disasters as well as allowing us to constantly invent new things and improve the quality of the life for human beings. It also had allowed us to invent devices to communicate with each other quickly and easily.

Physics however does not work alone, chemistry, biology and many other sciences are also involved in understanding the universe and inventing things to improve the quality of life. 

Sir Isaac Newton is one of the most well-known physicists who discovered newtons, optics, the Laws of Universal Gravitation, and the Three Laws of Motion. These are some of the most important discoveries in Physics without which a lot of things could not be explained. He also studied Mathematics which is closely related to Physics.

Physics is constantly allowing knowledge to be generated which may lead to helpful discoveries. It allows us to extend our knowledge and can even help develop life saving equipment.

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