Who Was Alexander Graham Bell?


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Mr. Alexander Graham Bell, born in Scotland on March 3rd 1847, was a scientist and inventor. Alexander Graham Bell is well known for the invention of the telephone. In the late eighteen hundreds Bell emigrated to the United States where he worked as a professor at Boston University. While at Boston University Bell completed further work and research in the hopes of inventing the telephone. On March 7th, 1876, just four days after celebrating his twenty-ninth birthday, Bell was given the Patent number 174, 465, by the US Patent Office, for the invention of the telephone. Although Bell is known to be the inventor of the telephone, and he did invent his own telephone, he was not the first to invent the telephone. In 1871 Antonio Meucci, an Italian inventor, invented the very first telephone. Mr. Meucci, however, was not a very rich man and, therefore, did not have the funds to patent his invention and thus leaving Alexander Bell to be titled the inventor of the telephone. In 2002, however, the US Congress passed a bill recognizing Meucci's acheivements and the British Government recognizes Meucci as the 'first inventor' of the telephone.
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He was the inventor of the first telephone, and his achievement kick-start a lot of advancements to this technology that we know of today.

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