Are There Different Types Of Bones In The Body?


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Flat, irregular, long, short
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Yes. There are four different types of bones within the human body.

There are long bones. The long bones are long, thin bones that are generally located in both legs, both arms, and all the fingers.

There are also short bones. The short bones are wide and chunky in shape; and are generally located around both feet and both wrist.

There are also flat bones. The flats bones can be found in the human ribs and in both shoulder blades.

There are also irregular bones. These bones are oddly shaped; and can be found in the inner ear and within the vertebrae of the spin. The irregular bones are all shaped differently, but function like other bones in the body.

The main job of all three types of bones is to give the body shaped and to protect all of the internal organs of the body. Most adults have at least 206 bones in their body.
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Which parts have thin bones
which parts have thick bones
which parts have round bones
which parts have flat bones
which parts have short bones
which parts have long bones

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