How Do You Read A Metric Measuring Tape?


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Sana Rashid answered
I have found a picture for you which shows a metric measuring tape. Both side have measurement written on one side its 150cm and on the other 60 inches of normal size. Different sizes are available in market.
Metric is another name used for standard measuring tape- don't get worried
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Oddman answered
The metric measuring tape I have is graduated in millimeters (mm), with a number at every centimeter (10 mm=1 cm), and number highlights at every decimeter (10 cm) and meter (100 cm=1m). The meters are marked as "1m", "2m", etc., and the centimeters between 1m and 2m are numbered 101, 102, ..., 199.

So, the easiest way to read the tape I have is to note the nearest cm mark below the measurement point and add the number of mm up to the measurement point. A measurement of 1.483 m would thus be read as 148.3 cm or 1483 mm. The nice thing about metric measurements is that all you have to do to convert from one unit to another is move the decimal point.

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