How Do You Convert Board Feet To Metric Board Feet?


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They can be almost the same, the metric feet are typically only about 1.5% bigger.

A metric foot is 30 cm (300 mm). Metric feet is a rarely used unit and indicates the questioner is probably working in Britain, possibly at the BBC studios, even.

A board foot is equal to 144 cubic inches.

A metric foot is single dimensional, whereas a board foot is a 3 dimensional measure. Therefore it could be hard to convert between the two (it's like converting from inches to litres).

However, conventionally, board feet are measured with reference to a sheet that is X (in board foot) by inch thick by 2 foot wide. Assuming this is how your board feet measure out, and that the boards are the same width/depth in metric board feet, converting to metric feet is just a matter of converting feet to cm / 30.

X * 30.48 / 30.

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