How To Convert Cubic Feet Into Metric Tons? It Is About Capacity Of A Storage Tank.


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A storage tank comes in many different sizes and dimensions, so it is near impossible to give an answer about the capacity of one.
In order to convert cubic feet into metric tonnes, you can make use of one of the very useful online convertors available free of charge on the internet. A link to one of these conversion sites can be found on this website, although there are a huge number of other sites you could choose from too: After entering the amount of cubic feet, you will then be able to click on the 'convert' button to find out what the metric tonne equivalent is.
There is a much easier way of finding out the capacity in metric tonnes, though. Take all the initial reading in feet using a measuring tape or stick. To find the volume of the tank, all you need to do is take a reading for the length, width and height of the storage facility. Next use the following formula to find the volume:
Volume = height x width x length.
This will then give you a final figure in cubic feet for the volume of the tank. To convert this into metric tonnes, simply take this final figure and put it into the online convertor calculator to find the answer you are looking for.
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Cubic feet is a volume measurement.
Metric tons is a mass measurement.
You can not convert from volume to mass.
Mass and volume are related by density.
If you know the density of the material that will be in the storage tank, you can use the volume and density to calculate the mass.
Example: What is the mass of 10-cc of water?
At room temperature and atmospheric pressure, the density is 1g/cc
mass = volume x density = 10-cc X 1-g/cc = 10-grams
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Thanks for all the replies here guys. I haven't needed to show my working for conversions of the figures for a LONG time! These days you can actually just type the numbers you need converted into your search bar and Google will calculate it for you AND get you the link to a site that can do a whole bunch of other conversions at the same time.

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