Is Silver Nitrate Soluble?


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Silver Nitrate is not very soluble in concentrated Nitric Acid:

Silver Nitrate is a little more soluble in dilute Nitric Acid
Silver Nitrate is slightly soluble in Alcohols:

Silver Nitrate is slightly soluble in Acetone
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Silver Nitrate is a soluble Chemical compound. It is able to dissolve in many substances especially water. To know more about the properties of Silver Nitrate, click on the link below:
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Yes, Silver Nitrate AgNO(3) is a soluble/disolvable chemical compound. The Nitrate of Silver is versatile precursor in many Silver compounds used in daily life as in photography etc.
The spill of Silver Nitrate on hand first leave a white stain than it blackens after an hour leaving a black stain on hand.

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