Who Invented Houses?


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I think some Egyptian and Tunisia king in early days
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Since mankind first eveloved into a thinking, felling and rational being he has sought the need for shelter, both for his own sake and to protect his family. Whilst people often lived in caves, there were vast places in the world where no cave shelter was to be found. It is thought that the very early peoples, lived in tents made from animal hides, just to give some basic protection.
However, evidence suggests that as early as 700 BC a town existed called Catal Huyuk, where around 6,000 people lived in houses made of wooden frames and mud bricks. These homes rested against each other and were in effect semi-detached from each other. So, it is reasonable to assume that house building began a few hundred years before the practice became widespread.
By the time the Greeks built buildings such as the Parthenon in 440-431 BC, building techniques and architecture were quite advanced.
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