What Energy Change Occurs In A Generator?


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A generator transforms power right into electrical power, while an electric motor does the other - it transforms electrical power right into power. Both tools function due to electromagnetic induction, which is when a voltage is generated by an altering electromagnetic field. I saw a relevant website "Generator Roundup". Where I got better info about generators.

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You say that you learned that a generator transforms power into electrical power and a motor transforms electrical power into power.

So what is the point of changing the power you start with into the same power?

If that's an example of what you learned from that site, apparently that site is useless.
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In a generator running on fossil fuels, chemical energy is converted to heat energy through the combustion of fuel. The heat energy is then converted to kinetic energy in the prime mover. The kinetic energy is again converted to electrical energy through the principle of electromagnetic induction inside the alternator.

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