Which Types Of Plants Grow OK With Little Water?


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Succulents is a group of plants with less water requirement. This group includes plants like "Cactus", "the jade plant","The century plant", "the snake plant", "the medicine plant"," the Sedum" etc. All these plants require very little water to grow because of their fleshy stems or leaves. These plants store water in their thick and fleshy leaves or stems and can survive without water even in very harsh environmental conditions.
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All succulents. They are drought resistant and easy to look after from a gardening point of view.

Bonus points: they are beautiful.

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The best plant you can grow with only a little water is the Cactus.In the wild,cacti grow in hot,desert areas,where it hardly ever rains,and as a result they need very little water.Cactusses have tough,often prickly skin,and there are many different varieties.Some cactusses look like little lumps in pots,some can be grown into fancy shapes,and some will even grow flowers!Keeping a cactus is great fun,you can look at it every day,and gradually you will see how it flourishes.You only need to water it about once every two weeks,and then only with a small drop of water.I would recommend a cactus to absolutely anyone-they're great!
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Most water efficient in your area are the ones Mother Nature put there, for she is VERY SMART!

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