What Is The Coldest River In The World?


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The coldest river in the world is surprisingly not near the North or South poles, but actually in the Alps.

The river is named the Neretva river, and it can be found flowing through Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia for about 143 miles, with only the very end of the river in Croatia.

The source of the river, known as Upper Neretva is the coldest part of the river. Even in the summer it can be as cold as 7 degrees.

The water is so cold due to its source being so near three major glacial lakes. These lakes also make the surrounding ground and groundwater very cold, affecting the river at its source. 

As well as being famous for being so cold, it is also famous for its bright green colour. Despite the colour, the water is very safe to drink. Many people rely on it as their source of drinking water.

The river is also used for energy, near the source there are four power plants and dams. This makes it a vital river for those living in the countries it runs through.

A river can be no colder than 0 degrees as it would freeze and therefore not be able to flow. Some rivers start to flow from a frozen source, such as on the top of a mountain. So although these may start off colder than the Neretva, they will soon warm up as they start to flow down the mountain.

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