Where And What Is Lindisfarne?


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Lindisfarne is also known as Holy Island and is an island in the North Sea, just off the east coast of the north of England. It is in the County of Northumberland.

Although Lindisfarne is an island, it is joined onto the mainland by a narrow causeway which is uncovered as the tide goes out and is then covered twice a day at high tide. It is possible to drive across the causeway to gain access to the island when the causeway is not covered by water.

The life of people on the island is dominated by the monastery there, which now stands in ruins but is still an haunting and atmospheric place. It was found by St Aiden in AD 635 and was an important cradle of Christianity in Britain.

Today, the islanders are mainly concerned with tourism as the place is visited by thousands of people from all over the UK and all over the world every year.

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