What Do You Mean By Communication?


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What is Communication?
  • Communication is the way that we convey our thoughts and feelings to another person. The basic form of communication is speech, which is when we directly address someone in person and express a thought, ask a question or direct an order.
  • Verbal communication refers to the most commonly used type of communication, which is speech, however this also includes written forms. Having one-on-one conversations with other individuals indicates oral communication and we use this every day to express our feelings and learn about what we need to do and know. Written communication can refer to anything from a letter to a text message. It is a form of connecting with another person without having to speak aloud. You can also consider that literature is a way of communicating ideals and thought-provoking interpretations.
  • This form of communication consists of body language, eye contact and sign language. Connecting with someone non-verbally is related more to emotions rather than facts or statements. For example, when people study body language they interpret folded arms and a closed body frame as insecurity or unease around another person. Facial expressions are also known to show happiness or misery and eye contact with individuals can express various feelings as well.
  • If we didn't communicate then we would never be able to work together or get by in this world because we need communication to learn and to become aware of the things around us. There are so many functions that communicating can provide such as an expression of personal feelings, informing others of important information, encouraging someone to express joy or directing orders so individuals know what to do. In addition, communication produces meaning and interpretation.

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