Importance Of Internet As A Modern Communication?


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People are able to communicate with each other easier than ever before
Families can stay connected over long distances cheaply
Email, instant messaging, and chat rooms are easy internet skills to master


E-commerce is revolutionizing the way people spend their money
More and more people every year are buying their Christmas presents on line
Popular internet sites like Ebay are promoting cottage industries all over the world


Computers are important in education
A technologically skilled workforce is important for the nations economy
Teaching and Learning is facilitated by the use of computers in the classroom


Computers are important in communication
Computers are important in e-commerce
Computers are important in education
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I'm guessing this is an essay title you've been set as homework.

If you want to cheat you could probably find an essay on this topic using Google, but no-one likes a cheater and you might get done for plagiarism.

Think about the different ways you can communicate over the internet, such as e-mail, voice (e.g. Skype), teleconferencing, chat rooms as well as discussion forums, blogs and websites like this one.
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What is the role of internet in modern communication?I want to know as soon as now pliz
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Is this a question?
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