When A Seed Germinates, Where Does It Get Its Food From?


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Basically a germinating seed has an embryo. In most of the germinating seeds, the food for the nourishment of the seed is reserved in the seed coat. When the seed gets suitable conditions then it starts germination and takes the food from the seed coat.

Now you must be surprising that from where does food come in the seed coat? During the formation of seeds, plants store their food like oils, starch and protein inside the seed. This food is stored so that a growing embryo may use it for nourishment. When the seed consumes water then hydrolytic enzymes are activated and stored food is converted into metabolic chemicals. In this way the stored food in the seeds is utilized by the germinating seeds.

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It gets it from sunlight.
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From the soil and energy stored in seed
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The starch in the seed, starch is carbohydrate, we use it as food ourselves in bread and chips for example.

So we basically steal the seeds food!!!

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Energy stored from the seed

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