How To Make A Poster On Noise Pollution?


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  • How to make your poster

There are many different things you need to take into consideration before you start work, the main being whether you wish to make it by hand or use technology for a professional looking finish.

To decide which, you need to consider the purpose of your poster, and who the audience will be. For example, if it is being created to promote a business, then you should really consider using computers to design it, as this will show your clients and customers that you are a company of authority and expertise.

However, should the poster just be intended to inform the reader, giving them as many details on noise pollution as possible, and is to be used in the sort of environment that is provided in a classroom atmosphere, then creating a poster by hand could be best, as it allows you to get creative, as well as reinforcing the knowledge that you have and need upon the subject.

Also, you should take into account the potential age group of your audience, as you wish to neither to patronize nor overwhelm them in your delivery.  

  • What is noise pollution?

Defined as the disruptive noise that can be created by people through the use of machines, technology or pets etc, noise pollution can be intrusive, annoying, distractive and, in some major cases, physically painful. Should a person be exposed to noise pollution that is over 75dB for an extended period of time, then their hearing can become irreversibly damaged. It is this that makes this form of pollution a very serious one indeed.

There are many different places that noise pollution can be generated from, such as jet planes, manufacturing processes, loud speakers, construction equipment, garbage trucks, lawn mowers and leaf blowers.

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