What Is Noise And Noise Pollution? What Are The Sources Of Noise Polution And How Is Noise Pollution Measured?


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Pollution is major environmental factor since the industries came into being, it is fatal for the echo system ,there are many culprits of pollution like air pollution, water pollution and noise pollution no one on this planet can escape the sounds of noise- an unwanted, disturbing sound that causes a pain in the eye of the beholder. Noise affecting the human environment. It is increasing at such a high rate that it will become a major hazard to the quality of human lives.

It has been increasing for the past thirty years, in the big cities and towns where traffic is increased. There are numerous effects on the human environment due to the increase in noise pollution. There are many causes of noise pollution but the major sources of noise can be air traffic road traffic, we accept and enjoy countless other sounds, from hard rock music.

It is affecting our social life and soon it will overtake the human race if nothing is done about noise, it is unlikely that many people today would become strongly motivated to do something about the problem.

There are some possible questionnaires that you can make:
1. What is noise pollution?
2. What the causes of noise pollution?
3. What are he sources?
4. How does it affect human life? Or does it affect some other living creature?
5. What are possible solutions to this problem what are major step shall be taken to over come this problem?
6. what role society can play to reduce this problem?
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Noise pollution is the extra and unrequited noise in the environment. It is the noise which is unbearable for our ears. It is like extra thing which is really unrequited. We find ourselves disturbed due to it. It is a reason for making us feel uncomfortable during its high levels. It must be in limits of 80 decibels. If it will exceed this limit then it will be spoiling our nerves directly. Here I am writing down a sample questionnaire. Hope it will be helpful to you. Good luck for getting stuff from it.

Noise pollution

(1) Do you have idea of noise pollution?
1. Yes
2. No

(2) Is there any problem of noise pollution in UOP?
1. Yes
2. No

(3) What sort of problem you have due to high level of noise?
1. General disturbance
2. Headache
3. Hypertension
4. Other

(4) What are the major sources of noise pollution in UOP?
1. Vehicles
2. People
3. Other

(5) Give suggestions to control the noise pollution in UOP.
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Well first of all noise pollution can be spread in various ways. It just disturbs people and that is the reason it is termed as pollution, something that damages or irritates other people. Furthermore the causes of noise pollution are many such as cars, loud music, aircraft noise and railway noise. These are some of the causes of noise pollution. The effects of noise pollution are of two types, effects on environment and the human health. Due to noise pollution humans can suffer from hearing loss, high stress, become aggressive and many more. As for environmental effects too much noise can effect animals as well in their communication, reproduction and hearing problems. These are some of the many effects of noise pollution.
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Causes of noise pollution are endless now a days ranging from the usual traffic noise from the noise of trains and air crafts,  people who live near factories have to sustain the noise of machinery for loud music and other such similar sources. Noise pollution can cause some serious health issues apart from annoyance called the non-auditory effects on health. Elevated noise levels can cause problems like hearing impairment, heart problems, hypertension, disturbance in sleeping patterns, and decreased level of performance. Changes in the immune system and birth defects are also counted in this list but there is not enough evidence present.

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Noise pollution effect you hearing frequency
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You want to know that what noise pollution is. The answer lays in the question you've asked. The pollution which is caused by the environmental noise and that noise is annoying, disturbing and physically harmful is called noise pollution.

This pollution can be of several kinds. For example, it can be the noise of traffic near some hospital which will harm physically and mentally to the patients in the hospital. This noise can be of some machines which will annoy workers or employees especially those people who are working in some area which has very large machines like weaving, ginning or other noise which arises from such giant machines. That noise is harmful for the workers and it can cause them to lose their hearing sense.

So any noise which distracts someone's attention from his work or discussion, or it leads to harmfulness or it causes annoyance for the people will be called noise pollution. Noise pollution also has another name and that is sound pollution. And now it's time to give you sample questionnaire. You can ask the following questions about noise pollution.

What are the effects of noise pollution on the environment?What are the effects of noise pollution on the general people?How can we reduce the noise pollution?What are the precautions we can take to avoid noise pollution? What are the other terms used for noise pollutions? etc. I think it is enough. So that is a model questionnaire I've provided for you.
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Noise pollution is also termed as  environmental noise are the sounds either human or machine created that are displeasing to ears and that destroys the normal day behavior, activities and balance of human or animal life. The word "noise" is known to be from the Latin word “nausea” which means “sickness” and this refers to the Nuisance noise.

One of the most common forms that cause noise pollution is from the transportation which mainly takes into account the motor vehicles. The noise by train and airplane can cause noise which in turn disturbs wildlife habits. In urban areas the automobile, motorcycle, and other sources of noise lead to disruption in humans and animals while they are asleep and diseases like loss of hearing, types of heart diseases and sometimes mental instability can also result from the circumstances produces by noise pollution
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            The sounds we hear with our ears are caused by vibrations in air, water, steel concrete walls and other substances. Sounds can be of different tones. A tone fork produces an almost pure tune, with only one frequency 9 i.e. The rate of vibrations). Musical instruments produce harmonic sound frequencies.Any unwanted sound that upsets us in some way in noise. It is annoying and distracting and can even be damaging to our ears. Unwanted sounds cause noise pollution.                Noise pollution may come from various sources like; vehicles, motorcycles, cars, buses, Lorries, tractors and air planes. Another is construction site; noise generated in floor drilling, site piling, wall demolition and water pumping. Factories and workshops where there are often disturbing noises generated by machines in he manufacturing process; in soft drink bottling, newspaper printing and the making of machine parts and cans. Machines used around the houses can generate noise for example vacuum cleaner, lawn mowers, and machines used for beating eggs, making fruit juices or mincing meat.                Sounds have pitches or frequency. A high-pitched sound is far more annoying than a low-pitched sound. Scientists use a unit called decibels (db) to measure the sound pressure which will in turn determine the harmful level of the noise, the scale goes from 0 to 150 db, and even beyond.
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Noise pollution is what you hear every where, even at the red light!

Do you realize that the ear drum is just like that palm tree on the beach that is leaning!
Why? For the wind has been blowing on it since it's start, and the continues winds made it lean after years of wind.

Will because, your ear drum is doing the same thing as that tree, and if this stupid loud music with speakers as big as the car doesn't stop YOUR hearing, or ear drum, is going to be VERY bad in your later years! For you are definitively stretching your EAR DRUMS, and once it's done their is no reversible thing available! YOU blew it!

And that's noise pollution 101!
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It is a type of pollution that is quite damaging to the ears with the loud audible noises. It would lead to hearing loss and cardiovascular arrest in elderly people. It would also lead to hypertension, hearing  impairment, decrease performance in school-related activities, stress, disturbance, mainly due to exposure to loud music like rock, pop and disco and industrial noises, like drills. It would also stimulate stress and lead to anti-social mentality, and other health-related problems
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1. Road Traffic Noise:-
In the city, the main sources of traffic noise are the motors and exhaust system of autos , smaller trucks, buses, and motorcycles. This type of noise can be augmented by narrow streets and tall buildings, which produce a canyon in which traffic noise reverberates.
2. Air Craft Noise: -
Now-a-days , the problem of low flying military aircraft has added a new dimension to community annoyance, as the nation seeks to improve its nap-of the- earth aircraft operations over national parks, wilderness areas , and other areas previously unaffected by aircraft noise has claimed national attention over recent years.
3. Noise from railroads: -
The noise from locomotive engines, horns and whistles, and switching and shunting operation in rail yards can impact neighboring communities and railroad workers. For example, rail car retarders can produce a high frequency, high level screech that can reach peak levels of 120 dB at a distance of 100 feet, which translates to levels as high as 138, or 140 dB at the railroad worker’s ear.
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Noise pollution that kind of pollution which generally we don't want to heard, like when we are listing music what kind of we like it is good but when the song is dislike by us it became noises for us. So more or less it is the difference of our like & dislike but the natural point is that that kind of  sound which come little louder on our ear it does effect on our ear it is basically noise pollution
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Usually this term is used for noise pollution that affects an entire neighbourhood or community. The noise can be constant or just a very loud occasional nuisance. Relatively high levels of noise have been shown to raise blood pressure and increase stress hormones in the body leading to possible heart disease, undermine the concentration and achievement levels of school-age children, and cause all sorts of health problems related to sleep-loss.

There is a European Union directive that towns and cities above a certain size must undertake noise mapping (different target deadline dates depending on the size of the town or city), and take steps to reduce the noise if above a certain level.

If noise is a problem in your area, you should contact your local council in the first instance.

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Noise Pollution is result of too loud voice which becomes reason of disturbance for humans. Noise is unwanted, human or machine created sound. Noise pollution causes annoyance and aggression, hypertension, high stress levels, tinnitus, hearing loss and sleep disturbances.
To prevent Noise Pollution, Industrial and Residential areas should be kept apart, Noise barriers should be used, Vehicles and other transports such as Aeroplanes, Trucks etc should use techniques that causes less sound, Airports should be at big distance from residential areas, Events should take place away from residential areas, Use of Television etc should not exceed sound limit enough to reach neighbors.
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The sound which you hear is known as Noise and the sound which irritates/itches you either you like it or not is called noise pollution. The sources for noise pollution are inventors of latest technologies. The one who are given noble prizes. If they would have been able to understand that how harm full would have become there inventions with the knowledge of today's estimating technology believe me they would have preferred not to invent any machinery, electricity, industry, or ammunation etc.
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This is is effect our ear capability. Industrial sounds ,traffic sound in medium of tinnitus we can measured noise pollution.
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Air pollution affects us by the air pollution going up your nose and down your abicu tube (your throu tube) then the air pollution will spread around your body and will cause a poisenin .

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