What is noise pollution?


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In a nutshell, noise pollution is defined as harmful or annoying levels of sound.

Here's a few helpful links on noise pollution.

There's plenty of other information on this just a quick Google search away.

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Noise pollution is simply a level of noise that interferes with the quality of human or animal life in an area.  The most obvious source of noise pollution is found within industrial areas, where machines run with such a high level of noise that the local residents can't fully enjoy their lives.

There are, however, plenty of other examples of noise pollution, such as the following:

  1. Music events - festivals and concerts have been known to cause noise pollution. This is generally why there is a curfew at most venues, to reduce the likelihood of the noise affecting nearby residents for prolonged periods.
  2. Aircraft - houses that find themselves along a flightpath can be the victim of noise pollution.  This is especially true during the night, when residents may experience poor sleeping habits due to excessive aircraft noise.
  3. Cars - residents and animals that live close to busy road areas may often experience noise pollution during peak traffic hours.  This can affect the quality of life, and cause a great deal of stress for both human and animal residents.

Here's a short video looking at some of the effects of noise pollution.  It's well worth a watch:

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