What Are The Remedies Of Noise Pollution?


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1-minimisation of domestic noise coming from radio , tape recorders , television sets , mixers , washing machine , thier selective and judicious use.
2-the usage of loudspeakers in the habitant zones should not be permitted.
3-noise pollution can be reduced to certain limit by fixation of silencers in automobiles.
4-reduction of excess noise levels by optimum selection of machinery tools or equipment.
I  think so following such easy steps can help reduction of noise pollution to a much larger extent
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There can be several solutions to this problem. One is that if the problem of the noise is dogs barking then a radio on quietly in the background can calm the dog. Thick walls on the house can minimise noise travelling through them to other rooms in the house and also to your neighbours. Keeping your music down low when listening through the earphones and also when playing music out loud. This way it doesnt damage your hearing but also doesnt annoy others who do not wish to hear the music.

Hope that helps :-p

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Small claims court.
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The main of it, that we should respect and understanding when we need being calm, as make noise be able by many kind like : Speak loud, high voice of TV, car etc. Are made by our not respecting.

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Take measures to control the production of secondary particles and air pollution .Positive measures to reduce industrial and commercial, construction and life emissions
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We should make laws to prohibit horn in the city and everyone should observe the rules.
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The best way to avoid noise pollution is to reduce noise and reduce pollution.
But to really do it is very difficult. In addition, to reduce noise pollution,
harm, or a countermeasure. For the short-term high noise pollution means
available to plug the ears, on the environmental noise pollution is not serious,
it should adapt to relax, to avoid trouble, emotional stability, attention to
rest after work, remember tactical application of fatigue, continuous
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You can install some noise barriers at the sound source , and also plant some trees which are a kind of good muffler.  Or at least you can wear the earplugs.

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